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Bai Tho Junks

Bai Tho Junk is a traditional junk on Halong Bay, small enough to be intimate but large enough to be comfortable, is the perfect way to explore the bay. The Bai Tho boat has 4 cabins, 5 cabins, 6 cabin, 7 and 8 cabins, 10 junk cabin and especially 18 cabins, all -conditioned, en-suite cabins and a glorious picture-window salon with sofas and easy chairs, this vessel elegantly explores the islands and bays. The Vietnamese food on board is exceptional, served by friendly local staff.

Bai Tho Junks

Joining in Bai Tho Junk trip, you will have an unforgettable experience on a splendid, luxurious cruise as well as enjoy the superb sceneries in Ha Long bay – a famous World Heritage – with more than 3000 islands and islets rising from deep emerald sea water, dipping yourselves in natural beautiful landscapes, feeling the clean and fresh air, watching the dawn and sunset and particularly the moonlight over the bay

Furthermore, our cruise trip will take you to many wildly island in exotic and different shapes created by the erosion of water on limestone mountain, such as Fighting cock island, Incense Urn island, Tortoise island…You will have the feeling as comfortable as in your own home thanks to our 6 well- equipped rooms on the junk, with bathroom, air -conditioner, dressing table and wardrobe.

Bai Tho Junk standard designed and deluxe main hall on the cruise is the place where you can watch the views and listen to the whisper of the sea. There is also the top deck for those who love sunbathing. Please come to the cruise’s bar for relaxation, entertainment as well as for drinks. You can also enjoy delicious Vietnamese dishes prepared by gourmet cuisine at the dinning room.

Bai Tho Junk consist of 13 junk boats offering daily and overnight on
boat cruise to visit Halong bay.

Bai Tho Junk General Information:

There are several Junks with different number of cabins on boats. + 1 Junk boats with 18 cabins

  • 4 Junk boats with 10 cabins each
  • 3 Junk boats with 07 cabins each
  • 3 Junk boats with 06 cabins each
  • 1 Junk boat with 04 cabins
  • 1 Junk boat with 02 cabins

Cabin Facilities:

Bai Tho Junks

All Junk boats have double or twin bedded cabins with AC, TV. Private ensuite bathroom
and proper toilet facilities with hot & cold shower. Cabin size is 10m2.

General Facilities:

Indoor restaurant with excellent cuisine, fresh seafood. Video recorder, Stereo system, Mobile phone and VHF system.
35 KVA e-generators are set up on boats. Kayak service.


Staff are enthusiasm and professional. Very skillful in food preparation

Regular Boats

Bai Tho Junks

22 normal boats offering daily cruise from 4, 5 hours to 7-8 hours
cruise to sight Halong bay.

General Features: 01 floor-boat or 02 floor boat. Indoor restaurant with excellent cuisine.
Services: Staff are enthusiasm and professional. Bai Tho Cruises are very skillful in food decoration.

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